Happy Chanukah!
Celebrate Chanukah at Chabad House!

 Event Schedule

Night 1 // November 28
*Thanksgiving Break.
MMMMM Contact Sara @ 412.390.8153 if you're in town.

Night 2 // November 29
*Thanksgiving Break. Contact Sara 412.390.8153 if you're in town.

Night 3 // November 30
Grand Lighting @CH Office: 4:30 pm JGrads (Law) Latkes & Lox: 12-1 pm Lighting @Chatham: 6-7 pm
Lighting @Duquesne**

Night 4 // December 1
Lighting @Chatham: 6-7 pm
Lighting @Duquesne**
Grand Lighting at RMU: 7 pm
Chatham Mentalist Show: 10 pm

Night 5 // December 2
LJGrads (JMED) Latkes & Lox: 12-1 pm Grand Lighting @Duquesne: 5 pm
      - followed by a Party in Union Art Gallery
Lighting @Chatham: 6-7 pm

Night 6 // December 3
Lighting @CH Wallingford: 4 pm
    - followed by Shabbat meal

Night 7 // December 4
Lighting @CH Wallingford: 6 pm
Lighting @Duquesne**

Night 8 // December 5
Lighting @CH Office: 4:30 pm
Lighting @Chatham: 6-7 pm
Lighting @Duquesne**


**The Interfaith Meditation Room at Duquesne University is available for nightly menorah lighting.

Contact Rabbi Shmuel at 412.390.8026 for more details.



Public Menorah Lighting & Office Party
Tuesday, November 30th

4:30-6:30 PM

Chabad House Office -   3504 Fifth Ave.


         See full flyer here


Chanukah at Chatham

Wednesday, December 1st

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Carriage House Lounge,                Chatham University

                See full flyer here


Want Your Own Menorah?

We'll be giving out kits with menorahs and candles. You could even come with and help us distribute them!

 Sara for more info: 412.390.8153 or [email protected]


Chanukah How-To
Not sure whether it's set up left to right or right to left or whether it's lit right to left or left to right?

We can help!

Check out our tutorial here

Holiday Guide
Menorah Lighting Guide
Chanukah Megasite
Chanukah Kids' Site
Chanukah Story